3 Ways to Maximize Unit Occupancy Through Local Brokers and Online Advertisement

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Mar 02

It has been observed that investors who have constructed an apartment building or a single piece of real estate complain about low unit occupancy. Many units are life un-occupied and lessen the investor’s profit margin.

In the age of the internet, many experts are of the view that technology is changing real estate. With the introduction of online listing, crowd-funding platforms and services like Airbnb, the people in this industry can’t ignore the importance of technology in real estate.

On the other hand, real connections and interaction from person-to-person are also considered vital to the real estate industry.

Over the course of time, the real estate market in the Americas has adopted well according to the trends. Cities like Puerto Vallarta have seen a lot of tourist and expat influx. Because of this culture shock, the real estate agents have adopted accordingly and as a result, the Puerto Vallarta real estate has flourished the most in Mexico.

Ways to Increase Unit Occupancy

The unit occupancy of your rental properties can be increased by following the below-mentioned strategies.

1. Use Airbnb

The use of Airbnb has helped investors and property owners a lot. The units that are not occupied can be listed on this website and people looking to stay in for the night can live there. Remember, this will not generate continuous cash-flow but it will surely get things running. Moreover, if you want to look for long-term clients, you need to turn to other places. 


2. Create an Online Presence

In the current times, people often look for property online. If you have a presence online, you will be able to gather the attention of more clients. Moreover, if you create an online blog on your website, you will be able to build a following. Once the following is built, your website will gain traction and who knows you become the next real estate celebrity.

3. Get Help From Brokers

Getting help from local brokers will also help you boost your sales. Since you don’t know everyone, you can talk to brokers and get them on board with your plan. The idea is to give them a commission on every deal or lead generated. Brokers are important as they are masters of their locality and they can direct people towards you.


Increasing Unit Occupancy by Using the Best Combination

Using the best combination is important. You can create your own blog or a platform for all the brokers. Through your blog, you will get followers and they will eventually end up and check out your listings.

Whereas, building an online platform for brokers will help people reach out to them with ease. Other than that, you can launch a marketing campaign on different social media platforms.

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