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Apr 16

Reinvestment of some portion of income in routine maintenance of the property, keeps the property appealing to the tenants. This Ultimate Guide gives you a season-by-season look at the maintenance tasks that will keep your rental property in great shape. It saves your property from moisture, warmth and freezing cold. Mexico sees two main seasons and the majority if the maintenance in coastal areas is due to the humidity.

Places like Puerto Vallarta real estate have low maintenance expenditures as the seasonal effects on the properties are easily managed. The landlords in this city hand over the management of their property to property management service providers who take care of its maintenance through proficient contractors and property managers.


Spring is a season that starts a war between wooden structures and plants. You have to prevent the irregular growth of trees, flowers, herbs, and shrubs. Here is how you can take up on maintenance in spring.

  • Request Them to Fill an Application—before you start seeing random people who are interested in renting your property, it is advised that you follow a professional approach. Ask people to submit an application. Ask them about their employers, their financial condition and the time duration for which they are looking to rent the place.
  • Look at Their Credit History—making sure that your tenant can pay you rent is important. This can be done by running a check on their credit history. It will give you a detailed perspective on whether they can afford to pay you rent or not.
  • Check Their Background—asking for their background is important. See to it that they don’t have any evictions or criminal record.
  • Interview them—interviewing your tenant is the best thing you can do. Sit with them, talk about the property and get to know them better.


This season is all about beating the heat and keeping the ventilation working. Here are some tips to help you maintain your property better in summer.

  • To protect the outdoor amenities like pools, fire pits or grills, make sure everything is clean and working well; safety signs are visible & aren’t faded by winter weather or the sun. also, make sure to check either your sprinkler system is working well.
  • To avoid the effects of insects of warm weather the best way is to go for pesticide control of it.
  • To increase the protection of your property against summer fires tests smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Trim bushes and trees. Take care to remove dead plants.
  • Keep in touch with your tenants with emails, text or calls to get information about the level of satisfaction with your property.


Autumn is about preparing the property for the winter season. You need to work on the following to prepare your property.

  • To prevent an infestation, caulk small holes and cover large holes with hardware cloth or make permanent repairs.
  • Check your attic’s insulation to prevent ice damming on your roof.
  • It’s better to go for roof inspection as rain and wind combined with rapidly changing temperatures and humidity wreak havoc on roofs.


Autumn is about preparing the property for the winter season. You need to work on the following to prepare your property.

  • To avoid the freezing or bursting of the un-insulated pipes; they must be wrapped before the temperature drops.
  • The water heater must be cleaned twice a year to ensure the removal of debris in it.
  • Heavy snow and ice can weigh on unstable branches leading to breakages so check your property for any trees or shrubs in need of a trim.
  • Water pooling damage can be prevented by cleaning the gutters once more.
  • Don’t forget to seal windows, doors and outdoor spigots to insulate against the winter chill.


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