A Guide to Tenant Portal Must-Haves

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Jun 11

The demand for rentals has now come to higher grounds in Mexico—thanks to tourism.

Over the past years, the rent has steadily increased because of the high influx of tourists. In order to stay at the top of the food chain, you need to get creative. The idea is to attract more tenants to your rental property.

Many rental property owners hire professional property management service providers. These companies are popular in the Puerto Vallarta real estate market and are earning huge profits for their landlords by deploying smart techniques of tenant acquisition.

In the current competitive market, tenants expect a lot form the property managers. They seek convenience and quick response. That’s where the tenant portal comes in.

The Need of a Tenant Portal

Thanks to technology, everything can now be interlinked. People are now busier than ever and they require swift ways to get their daily tasks done.

The same applies to tenants. They don’t want to wait in line to pay rent or send it a typed letter to get an answer for anything they need to be clear about. This is where tenant portals step in and take care of these tasks.

4 Things Your Tenants Can Do Through a Tenant Portal

If you are running a rental property and you use a tenant portal, here are the four basic things every tenant portal must have.

1. Reminders and Notifications

These reminders and notifications can be about anything. From payment to small meet-ups, the tenants can be informed about everything through this portal. You can send in payment reminders to avoid late payments. Similarly, you can send similar notifications if there is any maintenance activity taking place.

2. Payment Monitoring

Through this portal, the tenants can be kept updated about their payments. It includes an online record of past payments; invoice downloading options, and if there are any payments due on their behalf.

3. Maintenance Requests

Properties are in a constant need of maintenance. Having a section for maintenance requests can help you tenants post online requests and check on their progress. Instead of filing the requests in person, the request can be filed online for you to look into.

4. Secure File Sharing

Another must-have feature in the tenant portal is a secure file sharing option. Through this portal, your tenants can download and receive contracts, policies, and agreements. Since tenants are required to submit their IDs and bank details, having a secure file sharing platform can help them relax knowing that their personal information is in safe hands.


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